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December 2017

“From Slaves to Sons” Gal 4 1-7

Who would ever choose to be a slave?  In the beginning, one man chose.  Adam threw away the goodness that God had created in him, and smashed the image of God.  In the disobedience of Adam, all mankind was forced to live in slavery, always under the Law and sin and death.
We are conceived and born into that slavery.  We have never had true, spiritual freedom.  We have always been slaves.
But a moment came in history when a second Man was able to

“Live As If You’re Already In the New World” 2 Peter 3 8-14

The apostle Peter urges us in his second letter to not be anxious for the New Heavens and New Earth, but to be patient, knowing that His apparent “slowness” is just Him being eager to bring as many into the Kingdom as will come.
In the meantime, live like you’re already there – in righteousness and peace.

November 2017

“Good Grief!” 1 Thess 4.13 -18

Our Epistle lesson for this 3rd Sunday of the End Times is 1 Thessalonians 4:3-18.  Here, Paul tells us that as Christians, while we grieve the loss of our family and friends as others might, ours is a good grief!
Ours is a grief of hope; ours, a grief of understanding and knowledge of exactly what happens to us after we die. 
Paul goes on to explain the resurrection on the last day is the reason for this hope and that no one will be left behind!