School Mission


At Ascension Lutheran School, our mission is for your student to GROW in CHRIST, based on Colossians 2:7– “Keep your roots deep in Christ, build your lives on Christ, and become stronger in your faith, as you were taught.”  Students and teachers GROW in CHRIST as they pray together, learn together, serve together and work together. This is also the basis of our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs):

Grow In Faith

Reach Academic Excellence

Outwardly Serve

Work Cooperatively


In order to carry out Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations,” proclaiming the Good News that God gave His only Son to be our Savior, the members of Ascension Lutheran Church established and maintain a Christian Day School to carry out a three-fold purpose:

  • To supplement the religious training which members of Ascension and other Christian parents in our community give to their children at home
  • To serve as a tool of the Holy Spirit for mission outreach in the community.
  • To provide a thorough Christian education which meets students’ physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

All subjects are taught by Christian teachers who daily present the demands of God’s Law and the saving comfort of the Gospel.  Teachers present a challenging academic program and strive to help students develop their spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social potential.  Students grow and develop their knowledge of God’s Word and the basic doctrines of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, their ability to apply God’s Word to life situations, their understanding of the world God created, and their responsibilities as His stewards.

We welcome all families, including un-churched families, single parent families, and families with multi-cultural backgrounds.  We encourage all families to attend church regularly and be refreshed in God’s grace through Word and Sacrament. Personal and family devotions are also encouraged.  All parents who are not members of the Lutheran Church are invited to attend a pastor’s class in which the basic doctrines of the Lutheran Church are taught.


We want all students to recognize themselves as unique individuals created and loved by God.  With God’s blessing and direction, Ascension Lutheran Church operates its Christian Day School to the glory of God and the growth of His kingdom.






The elementary schools of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod began in the 1800’s when some midwestern Lutheran congregations organized Christian schools for their children.  The first of these schools were opened before most public schools began.

Congregations of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in the United States and Canada operate over 2000 schools.  Over 15,000 teachers, many of whom are trained in colleges maintained by the Lutheran Church, staff these schools.  Ascension Lutheran School is one of over 80 elementary schools located in the Pacific Southwest District.

Ascension School began on September 19, 1960, with an enrollment of seven in kindergarten.  On November 13, 1960, the school building was dedicated.  In 1961, the kindergarten class graduated and the first principal was installed.  In September of that year, grades 1 to 4 were added to the school.  In 1963 grades 5 through 8 were added.  On June 11, 1964, the first 8th grade graduation was held.  August 9th of that year was the ground-breaking day for the kindergarten School_History_Mission1-255room, which was dedicated in February, 1965.  On February 2, 1969, the church sanctuary and administration wing were dedicated.  Six newly refurbished classrooms were dedicated on April 13, 1986.  The preschool opened its doors on September 8, 1986.  A portable classroom building was added in the Fall of 1995.  A second portable classroom was added during the 1997-1998 school year.  These portable classroom buildings house the computer lab as well as the middle school classrooms.
At Ascension Lutheran School, students and teachers GROW in CHRIST as they pray together, learn together, serve together and work together.