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“Joyfully Lutheran”

Sermon for January, 26th 2020

1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 urges us to rejoice always! Do you realize that if we took that as seriously as God intends, we would be defined by our joyful attitude and people would want to know what has given us such hope! Actually, I think that’s the point!
This year, for National Lutheran Schools Week, we focus on the joy that we have in being Lutheran Christians. We understand that living a sanctified life is not a life of tiresome effort, but it is simply living in joyful thanksgiving for His grace and mercy every moment of every day!

Pastor Michael

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McTeacher Night January 29th

Join us on Wednesday, January 29th from 4-8pm at the McDonalds on the corner of Crenshaw and 182nd street!  Teachers and parents will be behind the counter serving up your favorites! We need volunteers to help us behind the counter, and to help sell cookies at the drive-thru. If you can help, please let Mrs Brianna or your teacher know.
Ascension Preschool receives a portion of the proceeds from ALL food sold!  Please invite your family and friends to join us, and share the event on your social media pages!  Thank you in advance for your help!

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National Lutheran Schools Week

Celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week! January 26th-31st


Sunday, January 26th

Preschool sings at the 11:00AM service

Monday, January 27th

We are “wild” about our Lutheran schools- wear wild socks

Tuesday, January 28th

We are “crazy” about Lutheran schools- crazy hair day

Wednesday, January 29th

Lutheran students are full of pride- wear school shirt McTeacher Night at Mcdonald’s

Thursday, January 30th

Lutheran students dream big- wear pajamas

Friday, January 31st

Lutheran schools are super- dress like a super hero

Grandparent/Special Person Day

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“His Ways Are Not Our Ways”

     In our Gospel lesson this week, Jesus’ actions confound John the Baptist to the point that John asks if Jesus is the one that he is should be looking for, or should he expect another.
It is easy to feel let down by Jesus when He does not conform to our image of Him. However, if we continue to trust in Jesus’ rule and reign over our lives despite the fact that things are not going as we may have planned, understanding that His Ways are not our ways, we find ourselves genuinely blessed.

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Advent Season at Ascension

Join Ascension Lutheran for Advent Worship Services Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. All are welcome!

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“Exit the Desert, Enter the Promised Land”

   In Matthew 3:1-12, John preached to those who by faith were about to enter into the Promised Land of the Reign of Heaven, a time foreshadowed by the entry into the promised land of Israel at the time of Joshua.
   We have been baptized into that same Rule and Reign prophesied by the ancient prophets. It is not consummated yet, but it is inaugurated. We have one foot in the Kingdom that is only going to get better!

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“Paradise Restored!”

This Sunday brings the Church Year to a close. Our readings this week all remind us of our broken relationship with God. But despite the fact that we declared ourselves enemies of God through our sin and disobedience, our Old Testament reading declares us to be His “treasured possession!” Paul in Colossians 1:13–20 tells us, Christ became one of us to make peace with His broken Creation! And in our Gospel lesson, Jesus promises a return to a restored Paradise, even as He was suffering for us upon the cross.

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“A New Temple; A New Age”

Before God became man and walked the earth, the temple was the place where Heaven and Earth met. The Temple was where God dwelled. It was where people came to meet God. But when Jesus arrived on the scene, there became no need for the temple, for God was with us! In our Gospel lesson this week, Jesus foretells the destruction of the earthly temple because its purpose had been fulfilled. There was a New Temple now! People would no longer meet God in a building made with human hands, but in the very Person of Jesus Christ!
Pastor Michael

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“Salvation Belongs to Our God”

“Salvation Belongs to Our God!”
The book of Revelation makes some people uneasy, some confused, and some downright crazy! But while the book is certainly difficult in places to decipher with absolute certainty, its overall message is clear when read in light of the rest of Scripture. And the reading for this All Saints Sunday (Rev. 7:9-17),is a beautiful summary of the entire book! Here, Jesus reveals to His beloved disciple John that though pain, suffering, and tribulation should befall the earth, He has sealed His own and will dwell with us and shelter us from all harm! For, salvation belongs to our God!
Pastor Michael

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Fall Festival 2019

Sunday, October 27th, 2019
Come join us for Ascension’s Fall Festival following Sunday’s Reformation service and celebrate with fun and game, a costume contest, pumpkin carving, and free candy for everyone!
Festivities will begin after the service and around 1:00 p.m. Sunday
Hope you can join us!

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